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Signage Cleaning

At Signage Masters South Africa, we understand the need for clean signage. Clean signs are essential for branding and for getting your business noticed in a competitive world where impressions matter. Clean signs are also vital for road safety. A sign can be made dirty by a number of factors, both organic and inorganic, depending on their location. Algae growing on signs, traffic fumes, dust, graffiti, and bird droppings can all contribute to a sign becoming illegible. While in most instances a high pressure wash will not damage signs, a softwash is often the better option because the results usually last three times longer, and our low pressure mobile units bring their own power and water supply to even remote locations.

At Signage Masters South Africa, we keep the highest standards and understand the need to maintain clean signs, no matter what quantity and location, to the highest standards. We work in both the private and public sector, with commercial sign cleaning and traffic sign cleaning in our extensive portfolio. We clean commercial signs of all types, including advertising hoardings and canopies.

At Signage Masters South Africa, we usually find that we are called on initially to clean signs once crisis point has been reached, due to legibility becoming a major issue. It is better to act before this point, and we advise regular sign maintenance. Our customers, in all areas of our business, tend to be repeat customers. Once a customer has seen for themselves how long our results last because of our blended softwash detergents, and experienced our highly competitive prices due to lower energy costs, they come back again and again.

When dealing with large signage portfolios, especially in the public sector, we understand there is price sensitivity. We will work with our client in mapping the whole sign estate in order to plan the most cost effective way to clean all the signs as quickly and effectively as possible. While sometimes this can call for a squad of our operatives to get the job done as soon as possible, it will often be a case of planning a route that can keep transport costs to an absolute minimum. We then undertake the sign cleaning and maintenance work at the most convenient time, often when the traffic flows tend to be lowest, so as to cause the least disruption.

When you’re looking for sign cleaning services, call Signage Masters South Africa.

Did you know that many major retail chains consider their signage to be their most important and most cost-effective marketing tool? It certainly works long hours; it represents your business 24 hours a day, every day of the year, informing the world of who you are and what you do.

It is difficult to overestimate how important signage is to businesses. It is something that everybody notices including your customers and your staff, and it sets an inerasable impression to all who see it. Signage differentiates your business from other businesses, provides information on your product and your brand and is the primary link between you and your customers.
This is why many businesses make a large investment to get their signage right. Yet all of that is wasted if your signage is dirty.
Dirty Signage creates a negative impression
Having clean windows but dirty signs do not make sense. It will create a negative impression and will potentially send your customers elsewhere. Failing to clean and maintain your signage can also result in long term damage, for example, corrosion, that can be costly to repair.
At Signage Masters, we understand the importance of your signage to your business and we are committed to ensuring that you make the best impression. We are experts at cleaning signage and you can rely on us to clean your signage to the very highest standards.
We will always do our very best to restore its original sparkle and recreate the kind of impact that it had when it was brand new.
Cleaning Signage
signage cleaning
Our signage cleaning methods
Signage cleaning to shops, offices, and hotels can be carried out by using water fed poles. For larger buildings cleaning can be carried out from a mobile elevated platform.
Signage Cleaning using Water Fed Poles. For most signage cleaning requirements we are able to use our reach and wash cleaning method. This is generally the best possible method for retail premises and most commercial offices and industrial premises. Brushes on the poles provide the required agitation of the dirt, and the purified water is the ideal cleaning agent which dissolves and washes away the grime. Because there are no chemicals used, there are no risks of it damaging your signage or harming the environment. Cleaning is also carried out from ground level and therefore in compliance with Work at Height legislation.
Signage Cleaning using a Mobile Elevated Platform. Occasionally signage is located high on multi-story buildings and is not accessible to water fed poles. In such circumstances, we will access your signage using mobile elevated platforms from where we can clean them using traditional methods or water fed poles. All our mobile platform operatives are fully trained, experienced and are accredited with The International Powered Access Federation.
A complete cleaning service
Signage Masters provides a complete cleaning service including windows, signage, building cladding, guttering, and architectural features. We always recommend the most appropriate cleaning method for the job in hand and are able to schedule work to minimize any disruption to your customers and staff.
Fully compliant with HSE regulations and passionate about safety, you can trust Signage Masters to keep your signage spotless and to leave your customers with the best possible image of your business.
Call our signage cleaning team today on 073 625 5637
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