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At Signage Masters  we have been established since 2001, holding over 17 years experience in carrying out road marking solutions for customers across the whole of the Africa. We can assist with applying road markings for a variety of environments and applications.

Together we are proud to bring a combined 400 years of line marking experience. We have 11 teams of highly skilled, friendly and trustworthy staff. Staff are fully trained to NVQ levels 2 or 3. We are CSCS compliant and trained in emergency first aid.


  • Car park markings
  • Playground court markings
  • Sports court markings
  • Road markings
  • Warehouse/factory floor markings
  • Line removal
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Hot applied thermoplastic screed to BSEN1436:2007+A1:2008

  • Preformed thermoplastic
  • Cold plastic – roller/screed/spray applied MMA
  • Paint – roller/spray/brush applications using acrylic, epoxy, MMA, PU etc.
  • Hot applied high friction surfacing using thermoplastic materials
  • Cold applied high friction surfacing using PU, Epoxy sand MMA
  • Line Removal – hot, abrasive and hydro-blasting
  • Studs – pedestrian, road studs, boundary markers


  • Value for money
  • Top quality products
  • Top quality service
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy & friendly
  • Fully experienced workforce
  • Free quotes
  • Free design/specification
  • Modern fleet & equipment

Whatever industry you work in, whether it’s retail, education or healthcare – rest assured we can provide an accurate and quality service. Contact the team today on 011 039 5743 and we will be happy to assist you.

Signage Masters specialise in road line marking services across Johannesburg. We have over 20 Years experience in the road marking industry, Our staff are well trained & fully qualified to provide excellent road marking service.

Our Line marking services in Johannesburg include:

  • Road Line Marking
  • Sports Line Marking
  • Playground Line Marking
  • Private/Public Car Parks
  • Disable Bay Markings
  • Road Hatching
  • Minor Surfacing Services
  • Road Studs
  • Anti Slip Solutions
  • Line Removal

As one of the largest and most populated cities, Johannesburg requires ongoing road maintenance services with the many road networks in place. No matter how big the project, whether commercial car park marking, road traffic markings or small residential road markings, we can provide a professional service efficiently. Signage Masters Road Markings projects include white line markings, pot hole repairs and car park markings for private, commercial & residential properties.

If your looking for a road marking contractor you have come to the right place. Call the road marking specialists in Johannesburg on 011 039 5743 or simply complete the contact form for a fast quotation today. Please feel free to browse our gallery page to see recent line markings projects completed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Signage Masters Road Marking and Traffic Signs is dedicated to the manufacturing and supply of quality signage, road accessories and road marking paint. We are devoted to the manufacturing of cost effective products and motivated by an unwavering commitment to quality. We proudly put our strong emphasis on total customer satisfaction. The company has over the past 10 years developed a competitive advantage in the industry, specified lead times and competitive prices. What’s more is that we have acquired a new decoiler machine which will enable us to cut steel and sell it to smaller companies. But the most rewarding part is that this new machine will provide jobs for at least 10 people, 52% of them being women.


We specialize in the manufacturing and installation of road traffic signage and Traffic Accommodation which includes traffic management and control, specialized traffic management as well as the rental of temporary traffic signs. Thus in a nutshell we specialize in the management of all traffic related matters which are required on site.Our complete services include but are not limited to – management, labour, health and safety, special vehicles, all signage, electronic signage, traffic huts and the installation of permanent road traffic signage.All products supplied by Buffalo Traffic Services meet the required standards set by SANS 1519, the  SARTSM, as well as the COLTO standards. Signage Masters has 100% recognition, and currently holds a B-BBEE Level 1.


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Driving is on the left with right hand side drive vehicles. Roads are generally good and you may not necessarily need a four wheel drive. You may find yourself driving very long distances in South Africa so make sure you stop frequently as fatigue is the main cause of road accidents. Also refuel regularly as in the country, fuel stations are few and far between.

Road surface marking and upright road signals are critical in conveying official information and guidance.  Uniformity of the markings is an important factor in minimizing confusion and uncertainty about their meaning. We provide road marking and road sign installations services. We are continually engaging with national and local authorities to ensure that we are up to date with marking systems and technological breakthroughs that can assist in lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

This level of commitment is also provided in services related to good maintenance of road infrastructure.  Well maintained roads are good for the transportation of goods and services and are vital in stimulating economic activity for communities using this infrastructure.

We also perform the majority of the associated works such as watermains, sewers, culvert repairs, earthworks, concrete sidewalks and curb & gutter formation

Seat Belt Laws

You must wear a seat belt whether you are in the front or rear of the car. Fines are imposed for non-compliance. The law helps to reduce the huge death toll on South Africa’s roads so please follow it.
Drinking and Driving
The legal limit is 50mg per 100ml of blood which is less than in the UK. This means that one drink is enough to take you over the limit. Given that and the high accident rate in South Africa, we’d recommend that you don’t drink and drive.
If you fail a breath test and subsequent blood test you will be fined, have your licence withdrawn and will face a court case and possible sentencing so it’s just not worth it.
Must Have Documents
EU drivers should be fine with their photo licences as long as there’s a translation into English but some car hire companies require you to have an international driver’s licence, check when you book.
Speed Limits
60km/h in built up areas
100km/h on secondary roads
120km/h on major routes such as urban freeways and national highways.
Always remain aware of potential obstructions on the road, especially at night, and reduce your speed accordingly.
Minimum Driving Age
You can drive from the age of 18 in South Africa but car hire companies will require you to be anything up to 25 before renting a vehicle. Below that age you may find you’ll have to pay a daily excess because of your age.
Safety Camera Warning Devices
It’s not illegal to have safety camera warning devices in South Africa but the speed limits are there for a reason – don’t become another statistic!
On the Spot Fines
On the spot fines mean that you are given a ticket by the police officer which you then have to pay, either at a bank or at a police station within a certain amount of time – usually 14 days. Fines are never demanded in cash on the spot so if one is requested, ask to pay it through the proper channels or get a receipt.
Being caught on speed camera when in a hire car means the car hire company will deduct the cost plus an admin fee from your credit card.
Child Safety Rules
Children must not sit in the front of a car without a suitable restraint system. Up to three years old they can sit in a rear facing child seat where the airbag is disabled. Up to twelve years old they must sit in the rear of the car with an appropriate booster seat.
Ask when booking for a suitable system to be included when you collect your hire car.
A minimum of third party insurance is required in South Africa. It’s useful to carry the documentation with you as proof should you be asked for it.
Rules of the Road
There are some anomalies to driving in South Africa that you need to be aware of:
South Africa has four way stop signs where the first car to arrive at the junction has right of way. You should come to a complete stop before you proceed.
If you need to ask for directions, you may get the response “ turn left at the next robot” In the South African term this means “turn left at the next traffic lights”.
Towing Regulations
There are no specific regulations for towing in South Africa but, given the number of accidents caused by reckless driving, it’s sensible to use hazard lights and a sign indicating that you are on tow.
Speed Cameras
Speed cameras, both fixed and mobile, are prevalent in South Africa and there are also many cameras on traffic lights to catch those jumping red lights.
Using Mobile Phones when driving
You can only use a mobile phone with a hands free kit in South Africa and you’ll face a fixed penalty charge if caught.
Parking regulations
You must always park facing the same direction as the traffic. You cannot park on a yellow line nor stop or park on a red line. You mustn’t park on the pavement nor within five metres of a junction or intersection.
Paid parking
There is limited free parking in any of the cities and invariably you’ll find you have to park on a meter or in a garage. Parking rates are reasonable so in most cases there’s not too much point driving around looking for free spaces.
There are parking officers and traffic wardens in South Africa. First you will get a parking ticket and if you don’t move your car within a reasonable time, you’ll have it clamped or towed away. As well as paying the towing fee and fine you’ll also pay a release fee and a ‘pound’ rate for holding your car.
Disabled parking
Whilst there’s no reason why they shouldn’t, it’s unlikely you’ll find that your home country’s disability parking badge will be accepted in South Africa. The country has its own scheme but even then doesn’t always accept badges from neighbouring authorities.
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