Restroom Signs in JOHANNESBURG

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Restroom Signs in Johannesburg

Custom Restroom Signs

If your space feels a little bland, your missing out on two big opportunities: to make an impression on your customer, and to further your brand awareness. The best commercial and office spaces feel unique to the brand, and enjoyable to the customer. That doesn’t end at the bathroom, or at its sign. A custom sign can go a long way to making your brand more compelling to your customer. You may also need custom messaging on your washroom signs. Many businesses need unisex restroom signs. Perhaps you need signs that indicate changerooms, diaper stations, or the other valuable amenities that you’ve invested in so that your customers can be comfortable. Don’t let those invests go unappreciated, use a sign to draw attention to them.

Design Considerations

The message of a bathroom sign is simple, so you may not think there is much to design. However, your signs should work with the other interior signs in your building, reflect your branding, and just look good in the space. We believe that every sign you have should be an asset, and you’ll find that a few design choices play into the overall value of your sign.

ADA Compliant Bathroom Signs

Signs in and outside of your restroom need to be ADA compliant. This includes braille, color contrast, posting the sign at the right height, and much more. If your sign is not ADA compliant, you risk fines and harm to your brand reputation. So, work with a sign company that can understand ADA guidelines and ensure that your signs will meet them.

Choose Captivating Signs By Signage Masters for Your Sign Needs

If you need signs for your restroom in Johannesburg or Sandton, reach out to us at Signage Masters. We can help you ensure that you sign meets ADA requirements, but also benefits your business and contributes to your overall signage efforts.

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