LEDs specifically designed for signs.

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Architectural Lighting

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LEDs for sign makers from sign makers

We offer a comprehensive range of LED products suitable for every kind of sign work. Our LEDs are great for all kind signs and displays.
What makes our leds for signs so special?
We enjoy a very close working relationship with the manufacture of our led products. In fact, we are the sole SA agents for our overseas manufacturing partners. This allows us to give you the best-LED products at the best prices.
LEDs for sign makers from sign makers
Who do you want to buy LED sign lighting from?
This is an important question. If you want to by led sign lighting from a supplier who just happens to have found a source of led products then you have plenty of sites to choose from.
If you want to buy led sign lighting from an experienced company in the South African sign industry then we think you are better served buying from a supplier like us. Don’t forget we manufacture a whole range of complimentary sign products and assemblies. If you want to build led lighting into the rear of some PVC sign lettering why bother chopping out the back of the lettering by hand? This is the advice shown on some other led sign lighting sites.
If you want led lighting mounted in the back of sign lettering then we make a precision machined product which “hogs out” the excess material and leaves neat mounting piers which you can simply affix standard cup and peg fixings. This is a small example of how our leds for signs are linked into a wider range or sign products and assemblies.
led sign lights mounted on a back tray
This is an example of an led back tray for sign lettering. If you wanted to you could buy in the leds, the LEDs mounted to the PVC back letter or a complete finished unit. The choice of what you buy and how you buy it is yours.
Our LED sign lighting service is bigger and more comprehensive than just about any other supplier.
LEDs which work for signs and sign makers alike.
To illuminate any kind of sign or display properly you need to use the right LEDs.
This is where our range of LEDs sign lighting really give you the edge. By using the right led products not only do your signs illuminate much better you also get the benefits of working with a complete set of led components designed with the sign industry in mind.

You can buy leds for sign and display work in small and large quantities at great prices.

Strength in new led innovation.

When new led technology for sign applications are developed we are at the head of the pack when it comes to getting hold of new products. Thanks to our extremely close working relationship with the manufacturer we have a direct source of all led products, both existing and newly issued.

Full legacy support.

One of the biggest drawbacks to a lot of leds supplied for sign work is that as new led modules are developed existing technologies and module designs disappear. If you have signs fitted with particular type of led you still need to be able to source components and spare parts for that installation. The leds for signs shown in the link panel represent the latest led products as well as existing led’ products which we have supplied for a number of years. We always seek to keep existing lines of led products running- we add new products but don’t drop old ones which ensures we can send you spares as and when you might need them. Leds in signage are normally hugely reliable but we have planned for the unlikely- just to be safe.

Value for money is a standard option.

We have checked the other led for signs websites and sadly for them our prices are better.

There is no reason why quality leds for signs bought from an experienced trade sign manufacturer should cost you more than leds bought from someone who recommends a distinctly DIY way of using their LED products. We help you offer a professional LED service– using professional modules and a range of professional grade complimentary products.

Every stage of LED sign work is covered. From boxes of led modules through to machined back trays, letter and edge lit panels. Why buy in bits when you can just as easily get the full package.

We offer you a full range of LEDs for signs, displays and general lighting work.

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