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Signage Masters creates and manufactures signs that form a unique architectural feature. We have an in-house team of skilled and dedicated production specialists and fabricators to help you create the right look and feel for your sign and advise you on the appropriate materials and processes to opt for in order to achieve optimum results for its application.
Through utilisation of the latest technology and relentless sourcing of the most advanced materials on the market, we’re able to manufacture effective signage solutions that will make your brand and image really stand out from the crowd.
Cutting-edge materials can be enhanced with innovative lighting solutions to give your sign added prominence and create an intense atmosphere.

Architectural signage is signage that is mounted on to, or is part of the building. This could include branding, company names, permanent directories such as those found in golf clubs, malls, or monoliths for supermarket car park areas.

A typical example may be a company name made up from individual letters, perhaps back-lit with neon, mounted high up on the corner of a building to dominate the environment and be visible from miles around. Sometimes a simpler flat sign may be used to provide more coloured area to make it stand out from the building’s own colour.

Architectural signs sometimes require all the interior signs in a new building to have the same look and feel. This means the challenge has more to do with obtaining consistency and ease of use than achieving a one-off impact with an exterior sign.

We have a great track record of supplying corporate signs to large blue chip organisations:

Corporate identity
Built-up letters
Floor and ceiling graphics
Reception signage
Door signage
Board room signage
Exhibition graphics
Pop-up displays
Operational signage
Flags and flag poles
Fleet graphics

Stainless Steel Letting

Directory Signs are a must for large commercial areas, and also the smallest of spaces. Directory systems are an essential element of any company or shop signage. Traditionally used to inform and direct visitors, today’s contemporary directory signs also work to reinforce your company’s image and brand awareness. A client or visitor’s first point of contact with a company is usually through the signage that greets them on their arrival and directs them to the place they need to be. Directory signs and systems can incorporate a range of associated information also; such such as a map or floor plan that covers a site or area, internally or externally. The main purpose however, is to give an overview of a building/area and offer a choice of destinations.

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