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Q: Why should we use Accurate CNC Routing to cut our composite panels?

A: Who currently cuts your panels? A CNC workshop with lots of experience cutting MDF or acrylic? Maybe a composite panel supplier who dropped a router into their warehouse and gets their storeman to do some cutting? Either way, how many Alucobond panels has that actual machinist installed in their time?

Accurate CNC Routing are ex cladding contractors with a decade of experience in their past cladding small to large projects across Victoria. Our managing director was trained by Alpolic in Japan in the art of cutting and folding extraordinary panels. When we bought a CNC router it was to increase our ability to cut perfect panels. We have years of experience taking sheets from panel plan to router to wall. Using this knowledge base we now offer a cutting service unrivaled by other fabrication workshops.

Q: Why don’t you install Alucobond anymore?

A: Soon after stepping from Festool to CNC router we realized we could now cut panels a lot quicker than our small partnership could actually install them. For years we then put on boys with various levels of experience but continually struggled with one aspect… install quality. The contract sizes continued to grow but our ability to get the panels up to our very high standards wasn’t getting any easier. After years struggling it eventually dawned upon us that we really just need to pick one aspect and devote ourselves to it. In 2012 we closed out installation business, moved to a bigger factory and created Accurate CNC Routing. We now have a CNC routing service that cuts all materials but specializes in Alucobond.

Q: What would we see different if we used Accurate CNC Routing instead of our current service?

A: Consider the problems and frustrations you have between drawing a panel plan and receiving your cut panels onsite. Now, how many of these problems would be eliminated if the person on autoCAD and operating the router had as much cladding experience as you? As we know with this material a mill or two here and there can make the difference between a perfect job and an average one. While drafting we understand how your plans translate onto the wall. This experience helps make your panels fit like a glove and your builder cant pick his jaw up off the ground. Attention to detail is big with us, V groove depth, dints, scratches… we have controls in place for all these simple yet critical issues. We have many unique techniques we developed for installation, signage and even furniture building with Alucobond that if required we can integrate into your panels. Add to all this our competitive prices, quick cutting, return biscuit cutting, Z fitting, start of day delivery service and onsite consulting and we firmly believe you’ll be impressed. Put simply, Accurate CNC Routing will cut your panels quicker, better and cheaper!

Q: A lot of our panels aren’t simple, they’re tapered, off angle fiddly panels that are hard to translate onto paper let alone get my routing service to understand.

A: We would be impressed if you could show us a panel more complex than we’ve cut to date. In our spare time we build furniture from Alucobond, cladding panels no matter how complex are simple in comparison. We can genuinely fold this material like origami, ask us for some samples and show you how to exploit a CNC router to its maximum potential.

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Q: How do you offer quick turn around?

A: Quick turn around is offered if panel plans are submitted before 7.15am, although we can usually fit them in if submitted later. Panels can be picked up on completion or we’ll deliver quickly. We can offer this quick service because of our flexible family business structure. We’re small enough to have a strong customer relation yet big enough to get the largest of jobs done quickly.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Please contact us for our current competitive price list. We have a graduated price structure starting at simple flat pack panels up to biscuit cut or completely folded and angled cassette panels delivered to your site. The way you need your panels fabricated is the way you get them, we are extremely flexible and guarantee to beat any other price.

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