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Vehicle branding | From decal branding to full wraps, we have it covered. There are many variations of coverage when it comes to vehicle branding, from decal branding being the simplest form to full wrap coverage. Here is a simple breakdown of the different options that can be available:
Decal branding: logo placement generally on the front doors, rear window and bonnet. This usually compromises of either a digitally printed logo with vinyl lettering details on the areas specified or in one or two solid colours. There are options to add in extras such as rear window Contravision which is digitally printed and applied to the rear window.
Half wraps: most common areas chosen for half wrap branding are half sides, full rear and a logo on the bonnet. The wrap coverage can be split around the vehicle depending on how the final design is created.
Full wraps: this is where the entire vehicle is covered in a vinyl wrap. Areas that are generally left unwrapped when corporate vehicles are branded are the roof, unpainted plastic bumpers and wing mirrors but this is dependent on what the client requires and the final design of the wrap.
Digital and colour change wraps: we offer both these services to our clients. Using the latest printers and materials for vehicle wrapping from all the top material manufactures we can offer a range of solutions from printed wraps to full-colour change wraps but not excluding the guys that want to just add a few highlighted areas to their pride and joy.
Digital print using the latest HP Latex printers we are able to tackle almost any printing requirements that you may have, from PVC banners to custom canvas prints we can get it done.
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Signage Masters is a Johannesburg based Large Format Printing House providing turnkey solutions to all your needs. We specialise in Digital printing formats in all categories. From conception to delivery, we, at Signage Masters, are one-stop solutions and guarantee smooth transitions through project phases, and clear, lock-step communication, understanding your needs, from beginning to end.
From small displays to total branding environments, we help your business stand out from the crowd. Being fully aware of the importance of dimensional displays for creating interest and communicating your brand, we offer the best solutions to enhance your business and sustain your image on a continuous basis.
Our creative team fortified with state of the art technology will yield the desired results for your brand and also reinforce our association with you.
While our services, product quality, and prices will be excellent, our marketing strategy focuses on building long-term relationships with our customers.
Signage Masters has gained good clients in less time due to their effective working style and good service. For a growing and respective company like yours, Trinity Media will really help you with your printing requirements.
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Signage Masters offers high quality vehicle wraps. Wrap Vehicles is your complete vehicle wrapping solution, specialising in high quality visual solutions in the form of self-adhesive vinyl graphics for vehicles.

Signage Masters will transform your vehicle or fleet into mobile billboards. Used for short-term promotions or long-term exposure, your vehicle wrap can be removed after six months or five years without causing damage to the vehicle’s paintwork. Our dedicated team will bring your ideas to life!

Vehicle Branding

When it comes to car branding in Qatar and extending your reach, we’re the ones to help you to get your name out (and about) there.. Even if you’re just looking to spruce up your old banger with a matte black car wrap, Loop Media is the vehicle branding company for you. Our vehicle branding caters for all budgets, from custom vehicle decals to full vehicle wrapping, with a great, professional finish. We can do full-colour printing, with a protective laminate for long lasting colour and our skilled applicators make sure it’s always a job well done. We also produce rear window stickers, car vinyls and custom vehicle decals so even if you don’t want a full car wrap you can still get your vehicle branded. Because we do the printing and the application on site the process is fast and foolproof, so whether its Durban, Cape Town or Joburg or anywhere else, relax we’ve totally got you covered.

Every day, your vehicles drive past thousands of people who could be among your best customers, prospects, vendors and/or investors. But if your vehicles are unmarked with company branding, they likely pass unnoticed by these key audiences, and you may have missed an important opportunity to grow your business.
One strategy that many companies have adopted is “organic marketing”- that is turning assets that are already in use for other purposes into effective marketing tools. Organizations with vehicles fleet are in an advantageous position in this regard. A company vehicle can often easily be transformed from a single purpose operational means to an end, into an effective marketing tool to support your corporate image. All it takes is a little vehicle branding.
Graphics or decals can be added to your vehicles to create and strengthen the awareness of your company brands, business strategies and services. Whether your vehicles feature a simple logo or a full-coverage “billboard”-style wrap advertisement, they can promote a moving, dynamic, high-impact advertising strategy that can turn heads, increase brand recognition and grow business.
At the surface level, branding tells the world who you are. At a deeper level, it demonstrates or reinforces a corporate image and shows how seriously you take your business and your customers’ loyalty. Virtually all corporations have major initiatives in place to enhance their image, often focusing on areas like corporate responsibility, sustainability, safety and community involvement. And whether you’re a small or medium-sized company trying to differentiate yourself in a highly competitive field, or an established industry leader trying to present a new advertising campaign, vehicle branding can often offer a low-cost way to achieve your goals.
Call us to help you transform your fleet into your powerful marketing tool.
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